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Hospitality Training Session 

The hospitality industry is a dynamic world of its own, and preparing your staff for the challenges it brings is essential.

With b. Consulting all-encompassing and ongoing training regimen, your team will have the knowledge and attitude to take your business far.

Graduate from the Hospitality School in Paris (France) and with more than 10 years of high level experiences, Florian Bohême, founder of b. Consulting, has developped a new training program with 4 priorities :

  • Learn quickly the fundamental lessons of the hotel industry.

  • Adapt to the history and the feeling of your establishment for which we will work (category, standard, selling price etc ...)

  • Respect the international process of hotel and business industry to be more competitive

  • The customer is the number one concern of any hotel team and it's also the first solution. Only the client will allow you to have more income.

Running a hotel is not an easy task. With turnovers, a competitive marketplace and high customer expectations, hotels have a lot challenge.

What can we do about the training for your team ?

  • The ability to personally connect with customers.

  • How to provide exceptional service within a time limit and in accordance to hotel SOPs (Standard Operation Procedures).

  • Advanced upselling skills (which is very important for your revenue managment).

  • The ability to establish rapport with customers to encourage their return stay.

  • The ability to work together as a team to deliver consistent service.

  • The ability to analyze the competition to ensure competitive service is being delivered.

You will move away from simply providing service, and towards creating experiences that leave lasting impressions on your guests.

The hotel training program will allow hotel team members to take care of your customers while they are still generating additional revenue through increased sales.

In a hotel environment, learning needs to be a continuous process.

Because the marketplace is already saturated with hotels, and hotel customers have higher expectations, your training program has to train your staff to be performant all the time for your guests.

This is where a program from b. Consulting can help you ! 

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